Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to creativeLIVE! :: My First LIVE Week in the Studio!

Everyone keeps asking me to explain what creativeLIVE is. Here's your answer....

I've been watching creativeLIVE for a year now and voila miraculously my dreams of being here have materialised. I wrote down my goals one day and then BOOM - manifestation! Now I work in this cool joint with a bunch of funky artsy funny & freaky people. It's Seattle's finest, me thinks :D

I still can't believe I'm becoming friends with some of these people that have been like celebrities to me  up till now. Every now and then I stop to just stare at them (creepy, I know :P) and try and process that they're real & 3D. It's trippy.
BONUS: I work beside the Space Needle! So cool to finally be working in SEATTLE (like downtown in the city itself) and not just hovering nearby on the East Side (of Lake Washington). 

WEE DOWNER: There isn't a single window is this massive creativeLIVE warehouse (apart from the studio windows that are all fuzzied out). So, I reserve my needle observation time to coming, going & lunch breaks :) I'm still oogling at it's spacy coolness.

PS: The cL building is awesome! Apparently, it used to be a recording studio. Rumor has it Nirvana recorded an album here :) No need for me to exclaim just how cool that is, right?!
I love driving up to this each morning. Makes me feel very cool.... (I'm saying "cool" a lot today apparently.)
THE creativeLIVE studio A :) So surreal to be here in person. It's a bit smaller than I imagined it to be but so much more fun than through a computer screen :)
Behind-the-scenes goodness. These are my favourite parts of it...seeing what the camera doesn't show to online viewers.
I arrived here LIVE just in time for "The Doug Gordon Photography Project." Fun week! That man is a crazy goof and I really like him. The icing on the cake was the wrap party because I got to spend the evening with the cL ladies (+George) & Doug Gordon & Sue Bryce! Yaiwoo! :D Can I just say that Sue Bryce is even more beautiful in person, she's frickin' hilarious, and she has some insane flirting skills that she tried to teach us — we're not as good as she is...yet. :P