Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kelly Park Engagement Session :: Ricky & Nozomi

Rain, Rain, Go Away Coming Again another day! The clouds didn't listen to us but we ventured out anyway. We hopped into their car and took the long way back to the spot where Ricky proposed. I haven't properly driven through Seattle, in 5 years (perhaps ever) and it was captivating! We passed the red brick townhouses, sat in traffic in the shadows of the glass skyscrapers, zoomed under the tunnels of orange leaves, and stared out through rain-speckled glass as the markets. The misty scenery had my attention all the way to Kelly Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. With the famous view of the Space Needle behind them, Ricky & Nozomi danced in the rain, spun around street signs, and cuddled to keep warm.

These two are massive Seattle Seahawks fans! Their home is covered in footballs, jerseys, flags,   blankets and scarfs — all green & blue! 
Satisfied with the view and freezing from the chilly weather we ran to the warm car and drove home, but not before a quick little visit to one of their favourite beaches. The daylight was sinking away and we had just enough time to be a little goofy on the dock.
There were "No Diving" signs everywhere so of course, instead of diving down into the water, we jumped up into the air. Makes perfect sense :) We've decided we'd return to this spot next summer for some real diving pictures to celebrate their 6 months anniversary!
"No lifeguard on duty" wasn't really an issue for us considering the autumn weather in Seattle is rather intimidating to wild swimmers. But in just 1 week there will be lifeguards EVERYWHERE because Ricky, Nozomi and I will be lounging on the beaches of Hawaii & snorkeling in the waves trying to spot a humuhumunukunukuapua! That's right folks, we're heading to Hawaii to celebrate their wedding with all 3 of our families!!! Yaiwoo! Seriously can't wait for that warm weather and the chance to photography my first tropical wedding! 

To see more photos from Ricky & Nozomi's Seattle Engagement Session, feel free to watch their slideshow below:

Congratulations again Ricky & Nozomi! You two are so sweet together. It was a pleasure to get soaked in the rain with you and I can't wait for our amazing holiday together!