Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fingask Castle Wedding :: Eilidh & Craig

"Just like Cinderella," said Eilidh as her ivory shoe was slipped onto her foot by a bridesmaid. The girls were getting ready in a gorgeous glass cottage — big windows everywhere you looked (a photographer's dream come true!). We couldn't believe our luck with the weather as the sunshine shone in, sparkling through the glasses of champagne. Dusty pink gowns hung in the hallway, homemade pearl hair pieces slipped into curly updo's, and giggles echoed throughout the small house as the morning minutes ticked by…perfectly calm one moment and butterflies fluttering in the next. After eight years of romance and friendship, Eilidh & Craig's day had finally (and surreally) arrived.

Eilidh's sister's boyfriend, Wills, added a bit of comic relief to the day with a pair of black eyes! The poor man had taken a nasty hit to the nose last week and though he daren't admit it, he learned that raccoon eyes can easily be hidden beneath a bit of concealer!
From her dad, Eilidh inherited  a love of vintage tractors. Her very own vintage tractor welcomed her as she arrived at the church. Originally, Eilidh wanted to ride the tractor to the church but in the end it was decided that a bride in a white dress shouldn't get too close to greasy farm equipment :P
Cameron Kirk (*Kirk = Scottish for Church*), the beautiful venue for their ceremony, is a precious place for Eilidh's family — many of her family members were raised in this church, Christened here and are now resting in the cemetary overlooking the green pastures. In honour of Eilidh's grandparents, just days before the wedding, a bench was placed outside the church with a golden plaque.
I was so happy to visit St. Andrews one last time before moving home to Seattle. I love that little seaside town; just seeing it's skyline warms my heart. We headed to East Sands for bride & groom portraits; played with slimy kelp, threw her veil into the wind and did star-jumps off the mushy sand. My favourite part of all were Eilidh's awesome Dubarry boots! 
Fingask Castle has the most beautiful wedding marque I have ever seen. It was "wallpapered" with fairylights and surrounded by fun topiary! The staff there was amazingly kind and the bathroom were so luxurious with hand-towels, a makeup vanity, statues and fancy hand creams! LOVED IT.
Congratulation Eilidh & Craig! You two are so much fun! I can't wait to see you again, perhaps next summer. Give my love to Mia & Eliza!

To see more images from Eilidh & Craig's wedding, view their slideshow below!