Thursday, November 1, 2012

Styled Glamour Shoot :: Hydrangea Hair w/ Megan Stanavitch

I was walking through my mother's beautiful hydrangea garden this summer and I was struck with this beautiful idea...what if I gave a woman "hydrangea hair"? — A whole afro of periwinkle flowers! What could possibly be better?

So first, I doodled....

My fabulous neighbor introduced me to a new make-up artist — Megan Stanavitch! Megan had just returned to the Seattle area after a stint working down in California on exciting film sets! She brought her best-friend Carly along to model for us. Carly had never modeled before — she was just doing us a fun favour — but she was amazing :)

At this time, my studio was still heavily under-construction so we ventured outside into the gorgeous weather — LOVE Seattle in August! In my parent's garden there is also this incredible show-stopping baby willow tree. It became our shade & background.

We decided we wanted the shoot to be a progression. The hydrangea would start as a lovely hair piece on one side of the head and frame-by-frame it would grow over the top of Carly's head until she had a full head of 'hydrangea hair'! Apparently, an entire bouquet of flowers on your head becomes rather heavy, who knew?!

It's so exciting to see a whim of an idea blossom into a final image. I LOVE it! I try and plan out all of my shoots these days with drawings. Making the drawings beforehand is really important because it gives me a concrete memory of my original idea, and apart from all else, it's just another version of a before & after — and who doesn't love those?

So on that smashing note, Happy November everyone! It's my birthday month — woot woot gooble gooble!! Go plan a shoot or make pumpkin-pie! Have a great day!