Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunset {Possibility Collages}

Last night I was sitting in my kitchen doing goodness knows what on my computer and then the most glorious ray of evening sunshine flooded in through the window! It took me 5 minutes to slip on my shoes, frantically run through the house hunting for a warm jacket and gather up my equipment. Out the door I headed in a minor panic. I had to make it to the top of the hill before the sunset! There was something captivating about the buttery warm light —  I HAD to capture it! 
As I wiggled through my neighborhood like a goofy speed walker I kept looking over my shoulder, afraid the sun was disappearing. I felt like an absolute idiot when I reached the top of the hill and discovered that the sun was 'miles' above the horizon hehe I would have at least 30 minutes before it sunk to the other side of the world. 

Feeling all inspired by the work of the legendary photographers I've been studying this past week, I set out with the intention of trying to capture interesting patterns of light across the St. Andrews landscape. I wanted to turn it into something black & white, reminiscent of Mr. Ansel Adam's work. I got totally distracted and ended up photographing grass. :P

When I got home I embraced a completely new project! I often suffer great creative debate in my own head over which presets & editing techniques I want to use on particular photos. Sometimes it's obvious but sometimes one photo will look equally amazing in 3 or 4 completely different styles. So...I thought it would be fun to put together these little collages of possibilities. To keep it simple I created 4 styles for each chosen photograph. 

I think it's really fun looking at these 4 possibilities side by side. I find that for each photo I prefer a different style. Some look amazing in B&W while others are just destined to be in bold colours! 90% of the time though I'd say my favourite is the bottom right (the dynamic colour images).
I somehow managed to turn the camera around and snap a photo of my own face without it being completely lost to the world of BLUR! 

I love love love tress silhouettes! I think they're so elegant and creepy at the same time :) 

Hello me :D should be impressed by my amazing ability to operate 2 cameras at once :P Jk I ended up with sore wrists :( boo On the plus can see my giant green bow on my head!