Sunday, April 29, 2012

creativeLIVE :: My Favourite Teacher

Hello wonderful world. If you already know what creativeLIVE is, I don't need to tell you again how amazing it is. If you've never heard of it before...buckle up for some major promo chitchat. You know how every circus, play and musical calls itself THE BEST SHOW ON EARTH? Well, creativeLIVE actually is the best show on earth. If you're at all into photography and want to improve your skillz you have no choice but to go to

Like all great thinks ;) creativeLIVE is broadcast live out of Seattle, Washington (represent!). Photographers of all shapes, sizes and specialties are invited along to give live workshops to the world — for FREE FREE FREE! (I should clarify that they are free to watch live and then you have to purchase them afterwards but even still they are sold for around $149.) 1, 3 and 5 day workshops on wedding photography, how to run your business, posing, lighting etc... It's pure goodness!

Of course, my favourites are the workshops on fashion & wedding photography. This weekend I've been enjoying watching Jasmine Star (in case you don't know who she is....cue shock & horror expression — she's probably currently the world's most famous female wedding photographer & she's fabulous :)). Anyway, I've been learning loads about editorial weddings (styled shoots), how to shoot them & how to publish them.

I started my business with styled shoots and managed to book my first clients using styled images. So I'm a major fan! I've also started dabbling in publishing my images and so far I've only had them published in Scottish Woman magazine as accompaniments to the articles I've written for them (I'm super proud of myself for this but still, it's early days and I have my sights set high).

Anyway, all this editorial talk this weekend has got me all riled up and reeving to shoot some details! Bring 'em on! Burdened with this craving to create I bought some cool bottles & vases from charity shops yesterday and I plucked some leaves from the plants outside my house this morning and "styled" them together in front of a piece of broken fence (also from my garden) and voila! The world's most simple detail shoot EVER but it made me happy because I got to use my camera today & I love my new vases! I'm super getting in to coloured glass decor! I think it looks really classy with a splash of fun-ness (I know that's not a word ;P)

I'm also super proud of myself for thinking of putting the cork back into the bottle after the leaf was inside. Check me out hehe This is probably really stupid sounding but basically I feel like I'm really good at identifying good styles but I do struggle to create styles myself. I suppose that's partly why I love shooting weddings — the styling has already been taken care of and I can just run in and capture the goodness that I see :D

So yep...that's all for now. Check out some creativeLIVE, go buy some pretty coloured glass vases & pay attention to details!