Friday, April 13, 2012

Seattle Horse Portraits :: Trish (a.k.a. Mom) & Riley

I want to send one massive THANK YOU to my mom! She is absolutely amazing. My parents have both been so incredibly supportive of me throughout my whole life and especially over these past few months as I've been fumbling around with my new business. At the beginning of March I had the joy of going home to Seattle and spending some time with them in person (such a refreshing change from Skype 'hang-outs'!) Last month, my mom did everything in her power to make my life easier — ordering equipment, packing bags, scheduling shoots and learning how to assist etc... I couldn't have done it without her! Thanks mom! 
We were so busy with other shoots we never got around to doing a proper photo shoot with her with her own animals. The day I left for the airport, I went out to the horse pasture with my mom while she brushed her horse, Riley, and got him ready for his 'play date.' He's in love with their neighbor's horse and they hang out together everyday hehe

Isn't my mom beautiful?!
Riley was prancing around the pasture with so much energy. He looked like a show pony showing off his handsomeness for the camera. LOL

While Riley was running around the pasture we could hear his friend, Sammy, calling from across the road. 
Playtime! Once Riley had finished his parade around the pasture he finally ran over to say hello to Sammy. Mom led Riley up to the gate and off the two horses went...running away into the mid-day 'sunset.'

I can't wait to do a full photo shoot with my mom & ALL of her animals in August!!
Love you, mom! I think you're at the barn right this second as I'm writing this. Hope you're having fun — say hi to all our horsey friends for me :D