Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seattle Horse Portraits :: Trina & Minka

Ready for more horsey portraits?! Thought so! 
So today, I present to you...Trina & Minka! 
I had the opportunity to photograph these two gorgeous ladies right after my time with Lynn and Faithwho you'll remember from last week's post. It was quite a transition to go from the big beautiful Faith who has the ability to intimidate little photographers like myself with her reserved personality, sleek athletic body and glistening coat (sounds like she belongs in Hollywood, doesn't it hehe) to Minka who is just all around cute & adorable. Don't get me wrong, Minka is super gorgeous too but she embraces her gorgeousness in a totally different way. She was all about cuddles & nuzzling. She followed Trina everywhere with her big friend horse smile. :D
Trina showed me how Minka likes to give kisses. Admittedly she needed a bit of persuading in the form of a tasty apple but nonetheless they smooched and have you ever seen a horse stretch its neck out that far!
Part of Minka's beauty routine that morning was a bit of shedding. Trina was pulling handfuls of horse hair from Minka's sides and before we knew it, Minka was standing in a puddle of her own furriness!

Another thing I absoultely LOVED about Minka was the way she closed her eyes...just for a moment. Doesn't she look positively serene?!

It seems Faith & Minka both have a love of funny faces, hehe :P

Say it with me now....awwwww!

Now that you see what a sweetie Minka is, perhaps you'll understand how I wrangled up the 'nerve' to lie down on the ground beneath her. Everyone seemed quite impressed at my courage but to be honest I just trusted her. I believed deep down that she wasn't going to hurt me. In the end, it was totally worth risking my life (jokes) & getting a bit of dirt down the back of my pants because I was able to get some fun shots like these...
"Whatcha doin' down there?" No doubt she was thinking something along those lines. LOL

My mom always emphasizes how the horse will go where the rider is looking. It was fun to see that materialised in these two photos. Plus, I love how Minka's breath is fogging up the photo on the right!

Please agree with me and say this gorgeous horse has somehow managed to look just like a goofy camel in this shot! I suppose that's what horses would look like if their heads weren't so long?

That's all for now but guess what?! Minka has two mommies! That's right...her other mom (Tracy) showed up after we took these 'camel' pictures and I was able to get some shots of them too! Those photos will be posted up once Minka's had a chance to approve these ones :P She was the star model, you see, so I suppose she get's some say in the matter.

Update on Rusty's Adventures: He's tormenting Joe from above. Muahahaha!