Saturday, April 28, 2012

Holyrood Park Engagement Session :: Lorraine & Steve

April Showers joined us last Wednesday for Lorraine & Steve's engagement session in Holyrood Park. It was our first time meeting in person and we were all bundled up in rain jackets, hats and hill-walking-friendly shoes...oh wait — except me, of course, who decided wearing little ballet-type flats up a mountain was a good idea?! And I claim to be from the Pacific Northwest — ha!
 So with muddy feet I hopped around boulders, shimmied my way up slippery 'slopes' and dodged the ever-expanding puddles. Lorraine & Steve were such good sports as I asked them to do one bizarre thing after the other — they had pretend telephone conversations, skipped across the field, balanced on benches like ballerinas, hid behind rocks like forrest trolls, swung through bushes like monkeys (yes, I actually did ask them to pretend to be monkeys — you should have seen their faces lol), running high-fives & playing with birds. (Lorraine isn't the world's biggest fan of birds I find out later — she was so brave!) hehe 
Hello Edinburgh :)
Rock climbing is dangerous for fingers :(

Dancing in the woods :)

So many people (Lorraine included hehe) don't like birds. Personally, I don't get it because I just love them. I think it's something to do with the amazing fact that they can FLY! And their feathers are just so gorgeous :) We also saw pretty swans & a few very handsome mallards — their metallic necks never fail to captivate me. hehe

What good is a fiance if you can't use them as a hand-towel? :P

Once we'd had enough of the rain, we retreated to a gorgeous little pub called the Sheep's Head Inn, which is apparently the oldest pub in Scotland (did I get that right?). I put down the camera for some green tea & we chatted away about grand plans to road-trip across the USA. Of course, I recommended that they totally had to start in Seattle! Woohoo :P

Lorraine & Steve are getting married on the 20th May 2012 at Howie's Waterloo Place in Edinburgh :: we're on the 1 month countdown! Yippee :D