Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Sky Bridal Shoot :: Kim & Brandon

Hello world, I've been away for a while. First we had friends to stay (so much fun since they live far away!) and then I embarked on a "get-my-life-organized" rampage which involved less work and more play. I'm basically trying to improve my efficiency so I can get the same (or more!) work done is way less time and then my clients can get great photos, fast, and I can create great photos and still have a life :) yaiwoo! So plunging back into the world of blogging after this little self-improvement holiday...I'm sharing with you more photos from the photo shoots I did in Seattle back in March.
This series features our handsome models Brandon & Kim (who had an awesome tattoo all across her back — although I don't think it's appearing in these images) as well as a stunner dress borrowed from Blue Sky Bridal Boutique in Greenwood, Seattle. I instantly fell in love with this dress because of its swishy layers. My genius mom aka. creative director, whipped out a red scarf belt [if i remember correctly, I think that belt accompanied one of my mom's gorgeous & very dated 1990's Laura Ashley dresses :P] and wrapped it around Kim's waist for a splash of interest. The simple flowers Kim was holding were the gorgeous left overs from Melissa & Erik's wedding, designed by the wonderful Therese White, florist extraordinaire! These image were taken in Snoqualmie, Washington.

For this shoot, we were looking for settings that were obviously not in Britain. This bright mint green wooden building caught my eye instantly and there was no going back.

We shot this image at the same vintage train station where we captured Andrews & Shelby's Vintage  Honeymoon Photos {another Blue Sky Bridal Shoot}! I just love all those old trains in the background!

Another great idea from my mom... we had Kim & Brandon  doing  a funny walk together, crossing their legs over one another with each step. I have absolutely no idea how to describe it in words but it brought smiles to all of our faces :P

Dress :: Blue Sky Bridal
Location :: Snoqualmie, Washington
Creative Director :: My Mom (Love you!)