Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seattle Horse Portraits :: Michelle & Oberon

I'm soo excited to share these photos with you today!
Michelle & Oberon are such a gorgeous pair & photographing them was a MAJOR DELIGHT! Apart from the fact that they're both totally beautiful, they've got 'chemistry' that I've never really seen between a horse & a person before. My mom told me beforehand that these two have been through a lot together. At the moment, Oberon is recovering from facial surgery :( and Michelle has been by his side all the way. Seeing the scar on his cheek during our session reminded me of this and I think it made me even more aware and sensitive to the depth of their friendship.
Although I do say so myself, I really love this image. I think it's so fun how Oberon can take his lips apart like this. This image is actually part of a wee series that involves him getting his upper lip caught on Michelle's nose and then properly laying a big slobbery smooch on her mouth. So much fun hehe!
I swear Oberon is the itchiest horse I've even met. hehe Maybe there were an unusual amount of flies buzzing around that morning but that big guy couldn't stop nibbling his sides. It was so cute. I think he could do with a bit of teeth whitening... but what horse couldn't lol. 
I seem to have developed a love for close up detail shots of horse tack hehe It only took one morning at the barn, pointing my camera at beautiful (and goofy) horses and now I'm hooked. There is something so captivating about how such a massive creature can be so gentle and expressive.
Hugs! So much love in that stall. :)
Like a perfect gentleman, Oberon brought our session to a close with a kiss on his lady's hand. :)
Thank you Michelle & Oberon for letting me photograph your exceptionally lovely relationship.