Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seattle Horse Portraits :: Tracy & Minka!

Welcoming back the very lovely Minka and her moms!! 
Minka appeared with her mom Trina earlier this week (click here to see her first batch of photos). 
Today, I present to you part 2 of Minka's photo shoot ... this time she's posing with Tracy :) 
Aren't all three of these ladies absolutely gorgeous?!
Kisses!!! :D

Tracy arrived towards the end of the hour I spent with Minka. We had time to squeeze in a cuddle and few laps around the arena. It was so sweet watching both of these women, Trina & Tracy, showering  Minka with love. The three of them seem to 'gel' together as a little equine family :P
Oh Minka, what a beautiful neck you have! :P