Thursday, April 12, 2012

365 Catch -Up :: {Days 94-103}

As you may or not be aware...I have joined the worldwide band wagon for the 365 Project :: one photo everyday for a year. We're 103 days in and I'm absolutely rubbish at it LOL I miss days and I lose count. Back in March I somehow managed to jump twenty days ahead. It's been a bit of a headache. The easiest bit is that I'm taking all these photos on my phone and publishing them on Instagram so at least I can't forget to bring my camera. I've been telling myself to get organised for weeks and today was the day. I popped some chocolate cookies into the oven, turned up John Mayer on my iPod speakers & sat down at the counter beside a calendar — now I'm all caught up! woohoo! :D Rather than overwhelming the world with a full update of the photos I figured I would pick up in more recent times. Here are the picks from the last 10 days!!
Day 94 :: Suffering the hail on my walk to the shop.
Day 95 :: All Packed & Ready for Celeste & Neil's Wedding
Day 96 :: Off to Glasow with a billion camera suitcases!
Day 97 :: Train to Glasgow with my Fabo Second-Shooter...BEN!
Day 98 :: The beautiful Glasgow Queen Street Station on My Way Home the Next Morning
(Spent the Night with my besty, Joanna!)
Day 99 :: Celeste & Neil's wedding reminded me to prioritise my wonderful husband.
We spent the whole day together, working out, doing yoga & watching our favourite shows.

Day 100 :: Another day with Migs :) We went on a walk to talk about our future.
It ended with us frustrated at one another (typical of these walks lol) Don't worry... we hugged it out!

Day 101 :: For the first time in a century I went to Morrisons with Migs to help him with the shopping.
More quality time together :P

Day 102 :: Lying in bed, lift up the phone & snap a photo through the window behind me so I could see the sunrise without having to move lol

Day 103 :: Baking chocolate cookies....another attempt to regain my work-life balance.