Monday, April 16, 2012

BRIDESMAID SESSION :: Louise + Brittany & Felicity

Introducing the Bridesmaid Session!!! 
Two weeks ago the weather was purrfect for a photo shoot on West Sands so I had absolutely no choice but to call up one of my beautiful brides, Miss. Louise, who then asked two of her bridesmaids (Brittany & Felicity) to come along and voila...we shot what will hopefully be the first of many 'Bridesmaid Sessions.' I can't believe I never thought of it before considering what a massively central role my bridesmaids played in my wedding, not to mention my life! I loved photographing Louise & her best friends — it was easy to make them laugh (which basically meant I instantly fell in love with them lol). In retrospect I now realise a Bridesmaid Session can be just as valuable as an Engagement Session with the couple. I can't speak for the girls but I know I'm feeling really comfortable with them all now which is making me even more excited for Louise & Mike's wedding!!! Bridesmaid pictures are one of my favourite parts of the wedding day and now since we're all basically best friends LOL they're going to be a super blast of photogenic goodness! :P
I should definitely mention now that we were actually one bridesmaid down :( Boo.
Unfortunately, Louise's sister, Catherine, who is the maid of honour wasn't able to join us on this spontaneous shoot because she wasn't in St. Andrews. I'll definitely be giving her special attention on the wedding day to make up for it hehe :P
Apparently the sand was particularly soft & warm. Once they were lying down they didn't want to get up again, ha!
Super exciting bit of trivia for you :: My first year at university I lived in St. Salvator's Hall in room C18. The following year, I moved out and Louise (yes, our bride to be!) moved into C18! The year after that, guess who moved into our room?! If I remember correctly, it was Brittany (one of these lovely bridesmaids!) and yes, she unpacked her bags in C18!!! This makes me really happy. hehe :P
"Flip again! And again! One more time! Just one more! 
Feeling light headed yet? No? Good! Flip again!" {I wasn't actually this bossy but I did have them flip their hair up probably 50 times — they were loving it!! — at least I hope they were hehe} 

Towards the end of our session we discovered that all of us are America's Next Top Model fans! So naturally, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to squeeze in a little smizing! Work it girls!! :P
We kept asking Felicity to jump across the path but the wind and sun were totally making life difficult so instead of top model shots we just ended up with a bunch of amazingly goofy ones. I LOVE her jumping photos! So funny :P That is...until we had her lounge on a sand dune and than baa-boom — sexy lady! :P
I just noticed that all three of them were holding their hats. I think that was due to the wind but we'll pretend it was an intentional theme.

In these hills shots, the girls totally make me want to say the word "bumpkins"! I don't even know what a bumpkin is, but in my opinion it's the perfect word to describe what I'm seeing hehe 
Thank you ladies for some fabulous memories on West Sands.
I'm so excited for the 8th of September 2012!!!

PS :: I totally want to give special credit to my amazing second photographer...BEN!! He's seriously great to work with! In this shot below, I'd asked him to capture a shot of the girls from above and when I lifted my camera to snap a fun behind-the-scenes photo he thought I was trying to get a clean shot and he jumped off to the side. This is him mid-jump (obviously lol). 

I also want to thank my giant reflector (in this shot it's a diffusor) because it made the mid-day sun work for us. In an off-hand moment I'd asked the girls to hold the diffusor for me for a second and when I stepped back their shadows caught my eye and we ended up with some really cool images of their distorted shapes hehe. Total happy accident that we discovered this trick with the light!