Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sales Tips Series Part 3: Directing Sales Conversations with Probes & Closes

Welcome to part 3 of this awesomely exciting Sales Tips series! Check out previous tips:
Have you ever sat in a sales session feeling tongue-tied? Not sure how to answer your client's questions, worried that they won't buy anything and not sure how to get them to write that check? Me too, then I learned about 'probes' and 'closes.' 

  • Start the sales conversation by asking open probes. Open Probes are open ended questions like "How are you going to use your photos?" This gets the discussion rolling and gives you direction.
  • Keep asking questions that get more and more specific. Eventually you'll be asking closed probes — questions that require a decision like "Do you like black and white or sepia?" 
  • If the closed probes fail and you get vague answers, go back up to the top and start asking open probes again.
  • When your closed probes are successful, they'll set you up for a sale. You can start to ask questions that are a trial close. The trial close looks like this, "Which of these photos do you think you might want for your mom?" (Starting to feel the commitment.)
  • Once you hear a 'yes, I want that photo" — it's time to whip out your full on close. "How would you like to pay for that?" — CLASSIC! It's putting people in the mindset that they've already purchased and they now have to give you a direct answer and move forward. SOLD!
  • And make sure to finish every client sales experience with the ultimate close which is asking for referrals and more business.