Sunday, October 20, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Lots of Trees & Simple Pleasures

Happy Sunday my amigos!

As usual... it's my day off and I'm sitting on the porch, (green) iced-tea in hand, John Mayer's newest album playing on Spotify, collecting my photos from the past week and reflecting on what I've been grateful for....


seeing dolphins swimming in the wild near the beach,



lying on my back and looking up at trees,

eating pistachios and listening to my audiobook,


eating peanut-butter by the spoonful,

making my a dinner so delicious I had to lick the plate,

feeling more confident driving a manual,

the breeze I feel when I drive around with the top down,

Maui Tropical Plantation,

tree silhouettes,

the row of trees in Wailea,

being a passenger so I can lay back and look up (at the trees),

refreshing tropical rainstorms,

pizza night (w/ root beer & apple slices),

view of the West Maui Mountains (from the north east),

Miggy cheered me up by playing a smell-guessing game at the supermarket,

the palm trees at Baldwin Beach,

sharing a healthy multi-ethnic lunch with Miggy — we took an hour at the salad bar deciding what to put in the box,

finding AMAZING colors in nature that you thought could only be created in a factory
(this is a Dragonfruit smoothie),

watching a chick-flick,

aloe vera, 

What are you grateful for today?