Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amariz's Maui Beach Portraits at Southside Beach

Before our Maui beach photo shoot, Amariz told me she didn't like bugs, so naturally I had her sit right on a Kiawe tree that was covered in pesky little ants. She wiggled around (with ants in her pants...literally) as we applied makeup, unrolled her pinned curls and enjoyed some Maui-newbie chitchat — both of us have only been on Maui for about a month (Amariz & her boyfriend came to Hawaii from Arizona for the same reason Miggy and I moved over... because we're young and... why not!? In fact, they both work at the Grand Wailea where Miggy has just got a job!) Once we were ready to rumble, I started our Maui beach photo shoot in the trees with some pretty outfits and jewelry (check out those photos here). But for me, the magic was waiting down at the shore. I have fallen head over heels in love with the ocean beauty portraits — lying down in bikinis, waves splashing around us, long hair getting swept away in the current, bright sun beaten down on us and sand sticking everywhere. We have just seconds to pose and capture the expression in her face before another wave comes and knocks her over or forces me to jump up or hold my camera above my head. So much laughter, adrenaline and inspiration from nature. I LOVE that I'm shooting in a totally new environment. If you're an artist, my newest piece of advice is definitely, try something new! It's so incredibly refreshing! Thank you so much Amariz for modeling for me. It was lovely to meet you and I hope these portraits will always remind you of your first happy months in Maui!

Check out this glorious behind-the-scenes beach action. You can't tell me this doesn't look like fun, right? I LOVE IT! These candid shots are waaay more fun than the ones I ever got while working indoors in a studio. Thank you unpredictable ocean for spicing things up!

Before shooting in the waves, I photographed Amariz in the Kiawe trees that grow along the beach. I published those images last week. See more photos from her shoot here.