Sunday, October 6, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Cool Mornings

Welcome to October my friends! 

I'm so happy it's Sunday. This morning I'm sitting on the front porch drinking luke warm green tea, listening to my favorite classical music radio station (Chopin on Spotify) and delighting in the grey clouds & cool early morning breeze that I know will disappear later today once the sun rises over Haleakala. But before that sun beats down it's melting rays on Maui, I'm taking this peaceful quiet morning on the porch, listening to birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind, pretending that it's going to be a cozy Seattle-style rainy day all day long — flannel-shirt-wearing-cinnmon-roll-baking day (not going to happen but I'm grateful for my imagination so I can pretend for an hour). So with gratitude in mind I finally get to write my #GratefulonSunday post (I look forward to it all week)!

Today I am grateful for funky gates in Hawaii, 

seeing my first bamboo forest, 

the plants in the alley behind the office where I work,

Skyping with Cheryl & Baxter (from the beach!), 

cheesecake (4 flavors!), 

Costco treats that I can sprinkle on my breakfast yogurt, 

English roses (particularly the roses in this bouquet on the cover of the bridal magazine in my office), 

little farmers markets and making green juice again, 

watching Miggy bravely take on the waves with a surfboard for the first time,

lying on my back in the sand & watching interest clouds drift by, 

watching the sunset go from good, to better, to even awesome, to incredible,

taking a walk at lunchtime and discovering the peaceful Wailuku cemetery,

my Kindle,

 eating delicious popcorn for the first time in a long time,

my new Havianas (pretty pink!),

iced tea (the way grandma makes it) on a hot day,

all the different exciting flavors of ice cream to choose from,  

ridiculous magazines that make me laugh in the check out line,  

that Miggy cooks me dinner every night (and it's always delicious)!

What are you grateful for today?