Sunday, October 27, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Miggy's New Job at Amasia

Happy Sunday Morning, Y'all! 
This week Miggy started working at the Grand Wailea. He's working at a waiter in the Japanese restaurant called 'Amasia.' It sounds like a cool place. Apparently, they disassembled a restaurant in Japan, transported it across the ocean, and reassembled it here in Hawaii. The entire restaurant is build without nails! They had to bring Japanese builders over too because they were the only ones who knew how to build in this nail-less technique. Miggy also has to wear slip-on black shoes because there are parts of the restaurant that are shoe-less. I'm really excited to visit the hotel one day and check it out for myself. He said he's meeting some nice people too so maybe we'll make some new friends :) I do miss him already though. I'm working during the day and he works from 3pm-11pm. Last night was my first evening home without him. I didn't know what to do with myself. So I went for a walk, sat on the porch and watched the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy and ate half a loaf of French bread dipped in tomato bisque soup — what is it about tomato bisque soup that leaves this bizarre feeling in my stomach - anybody else get that?

Today I am grateful for a beautiful patio to sit on,

pretty magazine pages,

a lunch date with Miggy,

the fact that "horseshoe playing" is so prolific it's outlawed on signs (haha),

all the pretty flowers that fall on the sidewalks,

finding a GIANT snail with a shell I've never before seen on a snail's back,

seeing this sign for the first time and wondering (for a split second) why does the whale have bunny ears?,

a tree in Wailuku (near by office) that has a bunch of other plants growing on it,

letting my hair fly crazy in our convertible,

still grateful for the palm trees - they never seem to get old,

taking the time to write letters to my friends,

the Maui Tropical Plantation,

that we're allowed to go into stores barefoot,

that my friend James MW sent me this and I'm STILL laughing out loud when I think about it,

Karma teaching me how to shoot in bright Hawaiian sunshine, 

buying chocolate late at night to celebrate Miggy's courage,

Skyping with our best friend James K.,

eucalyptus that grows on the edge of the sidewalk in the neighborhood,

my early morning walks,

treating myself to a Starbucks smoothie (that includes Starbucks air conditioning & Wifi),

What are you grateful for today?