Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Create New Poses for Models — One Limb Posing Trick

All photographers feel stuck sometimes, unable to come up with new poses for their clients and models. But never fear! There are some posing tips that can help you overcome this photography challenge! 

Waaaay back in April, I gathered my glam team in my studio and we played with giant retro eyelashes on our model, Courtney. While Hanna was playing with hair and makeup, Alena asked me how I come up with new poses, especially when I'm drawing a complete mental blank. I have a few tricks up my sleeve but one of my favorite tips is what I like to call One Limb Posing. 

Rather than move the model to a completely new position, making her turn around and get comfortable all over again (which can cause confusion, distraction and disengagement), I try to keep my model in one position and move one limb at a time. 

Here's the STEP-by-STEP:
Start by having her sit down naturally. [Snap a photo.] Start with her left arm. Have her move her left arm somewhere totally different while the rest of her body stays still. [Snap a photo.] Move another limb, the right arm this time. [Snap a photo.] Move the left arm again to a new spot. [Snap a photo.] 

Once you've moved the arms in every way you can think of, move the head. [Snap a photo.] With her head in a new location, move the arms through all the possibilities again. [Snap, snap, snap.] After all of that, you've earned the right to move a leg. ;)

There are so many moving parts to a human body, it can be overwhelming to come up with flattering poses under pressure and keep the shoot flowing steadily. Instead of getting stressed, slow down, choose one limb and move it to a new spot. Keep going, ONE LIMB at a time. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Everybody's feeling calm and gorgeous and you're filling up your CF card with variety! ;)


And of course, a 'Before & After' because we love them! ;)

Beautiful make-up artist Hanna Mazur 
Shout out to my fellow photographer Alena Nieves
Thanks to our model, Courtney!

What's your favorite trick for coming up with new poses on the spot?