Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Finding the SPOT Where You Belong

Last week I was feelin' blue. Super nervous about my photo shoots that my boss was going to be observing. Worried that we'll never get around to making friends or joining any local Hawaiian clubs/activities. Missing greenery. Aching from my sunburns. Frustrated at feeling bloated from eating too much chocolate, candy and cheesecake. Tired of driving around the island and shooting weddings in bright hot sun. Wondering if we'd ever feel fully content and fulfilled here in Maui. 

Driving home on the Honoapiiliani Highway, I pulled off the road to check out the little farm store, hoping to get a great deal on some fresh veggies. Driving in the parking lot of the Maui Tropical Plantation and Country Store everything around me seemed to sigh and fall into place. There were vegetables growing in the moist brown dirt and the sun was pouring through the valley making the green grass glow. I had this moment where I felt like, " this is what I need. This is how I imagined Hawaii. This is my spot." I entertained the idea of working in the little farm shop and spending all day digging in dirt (oh how I miss my garden). Glorious. I pondered whether maybe, just maybe, I could moonlight as a farmer. Would they let me dig up carrots and polish Pineapple leaves on my Sunday afternoons? 

Just knowing that this little haven exists half-way between my house and my office has given me such peace everyday. I zoom past the Maui Tropical Planation everyday, glancing over at the little territory of happiness.

This month, I've been dwelling on 'belonging' and this week I've come to appreciate that no matter where I go there will always be a 'spot' where I belong. These spots will revolve around my interests, passions and hobbies. Things that sooth my soul. I may not belong in the wider Hawaiian culture or everywhere on Maui, but I do belong in a vegetable garden, and if I can find me some veggie patches on Maui, I will feel at home... at least during those minutes when my fingers are buried in the soil. 

You have a Special Place Out There!

Resolution 10: Everybody has a SPOT Where They Belong...Go Find Yours!