Sunday, October 13, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Wailuku Coffee Company

Happy Sunday! 

It's a hot one here in Maui. I've already taken 3 showers this morning just trying to get rid of the humidity that's clinging to my skin. Miggy and I are sitting on the front porch right now with a refreshing breeze (hallelujah!) This week I had a lot of fun with the ladies who work in the office with me. We laughed a lot and I haven't been laughing enough recently so that was much needed medicine. Ordering completely random things off of menus is one of my favorite things to do - it keeps a little spark of adventure burning. So this week on my lunch breaks, I went to the coffee shop across the street from my office and experimented with their different smoothies. Every single one was delicious. :) 

This week I am grateful for beautiful sunsets that color the clouds PINK,

letters from Grandma arriving in the mail,

the Wailuku Coffee Company and their cute 'hip' style and interesting menu, 

feeling adventurous enough to order a Banana Chai Latte Smooth,

Miggy being sweet to me, writing love notes in the sand,

late night runs to the store to by Hump Day Brownies (which were on sale! — $7.50 down to $3.00) 

eating a peaceful lunch (Banana-PeanutButter-Chocolate Smoothie + Lavender Almond Scone) by myself beside a pretty green bush,  

one of the ladies at work brought in cookies (of course, I ate one too many),

finding a cute little "i really appreciate you." sticker at the coffee shop, 

working in a studio that has chandeliers, 

the twinkle lights on the porch where we eat dinner, 

the smell of the movie theatre, 

discovering that photo shoots are way more fun if you actually get in the water....

iced tea,

flipping through the thick pages (the ones with the rough edges) of Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, 

overhearing the couple at the beach who were talking about the cool looking clouds so I was encouraged to look up and see for myself,  

the pink flower bush on the corner behind our house (which doesn't smell like anything but it just looks so pretty!).

What are you grateful for today?