Monday, May 13, 2013

Tips for Creating a Sameday Slideshow at a Wedding

The wedding guests have all sat down to dinner and you've got 30 minutes to make a same-day wedding slideshow. You've taken 3000 images already and you're only going to show 30 in this sneak peak. Don't stress! These handy tips will help you survive with flying colours!

Here's the basic strategy....
Run away from the busy wedding. Plug in your card reader. Open up your pre-made "Sameday Slideshow Folder." You're going to zoom through your images and drag over your 25 quick-picks! Then those images will be imported to Lightroom. Run your fav. preset on the images OR stay safe and turn them all black and white! Run back to wedding, plop your slideshow in the corner and prepare yourself for lots of praise & joyful faces :D

Let's break it down....
1) Find a quiet corner or room. Calm the nerves and focus. Don't worry about rushing back or missing a moment. Rushing will only slow you down by making your hands shaky and your decision sloppy. I was so panicked at my first wedding while making the slideshow — I think I actually had a panic attack — like a real legit one. Oh, and do this during dinner — when everyone is stuffing their faces a.k.a not wanting their photos taking.

2) PREpare As Much As Possible
Make your life easy. Have a pre-made slideshow folder on your computer. Have your slideshow Lightroom Catalogue made & the slideshow settings chosen. Also have your logo slide uploaded beforehand. All you have to do at the wedding is import your chosen images and you're good to go!

3) When picking images quickly, DON'T OBSESS! 
Open up your images in a folder and make the image icons BIG so you can see the photos without having to open the files. Scroll through and when you see an image you like, preview it big — if it looks good, take it and move on! Don't worry about culling THE BEST image from a series of 5 similar images. This will save you so much time! Culling perfectionism didn't receive an invite to this wedding!

4) WHICH PICTURES TO SHOW....Emotion, Emotion, Emotion + Groups!! 
We are all in LURV with detail pictures BUT nobody is going to melt over that gorgeous picture of the shoes. (sadly). You want to tug at their heart strings and make them say "This photographer is AMAZING. HOW DID THEY CATCH THAT MOMENT!!" So throw in a couple pretty detail shots BUT overload the show with tears, tight embraces, kisses and cute glances. ALSO, pick images of moments that the guests witnessed in person because it will bring back their memories and make them feel involved. A couple images from before the wedding or from the first look are also fun because it's a part of the day they didn't get to see and now you're sharing it with them. FINALLY....include as many people as possible. We're all vain, let's face it. More people in the photos = more people watching the show = more people talking about the show. AND MAKE SURE IF YOU SHOW ONE SET OF PARENTS THAT YOU ALSO SHOW THE OTHER SET! I've made that mistake before :/ 

5) Show your images on your laptop. 
This will cause a little hub of excitement in the corner that people will find and pull other guests over to see. If you project it big on the wall then everyone will sit it easily and the buzz of a secret surprise will be lost. You want to make people talk!!

6) Have cards beside your computer that people can pick up.
Your business card can look tacky (like you're advertising at their wedding). So don't do that. Instead, have a card that says...

"Want to see more images from Sarah & Mike's wedding? 
Visit their wedding photography website
Thanks so much!
Enjoy the party :)

This way you get to advertise but it's tasteful and helpful. People probably won't pick up your business card (unless you wooed them with your charming personality) but they WILL pick up this card because you're really offering something they want...PICTURES! 

I design my slideshow cards in PhotoShop using a photo from their engagement shoot. I print them as 4x6 floppy prints from a pharmacy. I print off enough for about 40% of the guests. 100 guests = 40 prints. 

7) Not everyone will see the slideshow...
THAT's OK. Deal with it. Accept it. Make sure the bride & groom + their familes + wedding party see it. Everyone else is bonus. Your MAIN goal here is to make sure that your clients and their closest loved ones know what an amazing job you did so they'll talk about you the next day and rave about this awesome slideshow and feel good about the money they spend on you!

So good luck my friend! Have fun showing off your gorgeous pictures at your next wedding. You're going to blow off their socks!