Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Arrange a Series of Dancing Portraits

Dancing is the perfect way to create a series of images that flow together and can be presented as one unit of artwork. Sometimes, I hold down the shutter and shoot like crazy...fingers crossed that I'll catch something worth keeping. Somedays, I get really picky and aim for a particular movement/shot. Either way, the images can be put together like a short stop-motion film OR they can be arranged in a way that makes them "suggest" movement. 

You can arrange the images randomly BUT it's really fun and much more powerful to intentionally present them in a chronological order. It works like a flip your eyes zoom across the images, you can almost see the motion.

Read the images Left to Right, Top to Bottom. It looks like she starts standing still, reaches down to grab the fabric, pulls it back, turns and then throws it back across her body and she finishes with a curtsy ;) Fun, right! 

To help these images come to life, I created a wee stop-motion film for you! Check it out ;)