Friday, May 17, 2013

My Studio Got a Boutique Makeover :: 360 Panorama

When I was a little girl I would rearrange my bedroom at least once a month.
Nothing's changed. 

I love spicing up the scenery around me — makes everything more interesting and fresh. So as my little photography studio grows from a "photographing friends of friends" kinda business to a "welcoming in truck-loads of strangers" kinda business, I've been making an effort to step up the glam a notch.

I'd been starting to feel like the studio was really a wannabe studio — always in transition; stuff hovering around waiting for "a place"; not yet official.

But the time has come for it to blossom into the boutique it is destined to be. 
Moving all the heavy furniture across the cement floor sounded like a cat being skinned but it was worth it. I'm feeling very inspired, comfortable in the spaciousness, and organized. Good feeling, don't you agree? It's still a work in progress but I'm getting warmer!
PS: This panorama makes the room look ENORMOUS! It totally isn't this big in real life - promise. It's really cozy.