Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bring Your Ideas to Life - MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

When I was working at creativeLIVE, I learned one very important lesson:

Successful people are do-ers. They make stuff happen.

One day we would be sitting around the lunch table and someone would casually toss out a clever idea that had just landed in their brain. We would all joke about it and stir it up into a bigger and bigger idea. I went home and forgot about it. The next morning, I'd be making myself a cup of Jasmine Green tea and there they all were, sitting around the table on a conference call planning logistics to make that funny little idea a reality. One month later, it was hard to believe that whatever BIG production we were currently pulling off had been no more than a whim over lunch.

Then I went to a networking event. I sat there listening to these new photographers, desperate for success but unsure of how to move forward. They brainstormed plans, changed their minds, tried to improve their plans again again again. They all went home and they're still planning. They're still waiting for good things to happen to them. They're frustrated that they aren't as successful as they want to be.

"Make it happen." is the attitude of successful people. They don't let good ideas die before they've had a chance to take flight. They don't sit around and "plan" for weeks until everything is in place. They start doing it, right then and there. So change your attitude. Yes, you'll have to take risks. Put yourself out there on that uncomfortable little branch and reach for the sweetest berry! Adopt a "MAKE IT HAPPEN" mentality and watch what happens!
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Hair & Make-Up: Hanna Mazur
My Faithful Assistant: Cheryl Ford Photography