Monday, May 6, 2013

"101 Years of Beauty" PROJECT

Over this past year, my first year as a woman's portrait photographer, I have come to REALLY appreciate an important fact of life...

There is beauty in every woman. 

My camera and lens seem to be my rose-tinted glasses. I lift them to a woman's face and just like that her beauty becomes so apparent and I never forget it after that. And it's not just the fresh young faces that amaze me. I've also learned that

There is something uniquely beautiful about every stage of a woman's life.

When you're six, it's the goofy smiles that are so big your cheeks hurt; at sixteen it's skin that glistens so smoothly in the light; and at sixty, it's a seductive sophistication that's hinted at by silver strands of hair. Each age offers something special we can look forward to with anticipation, enjoy fully, and remember fondly.

So, a few months ago, I launched a project... "101 Years of Beauty"

Over the next year, I'm photographing women ages 0-101 and I'll be publishing the images together in a beautiful book. I've also been collecting video footage to help bring the project to life. Thanks to some handy paint swatches I  'borrowed' from the hardware store, I'm keeping track of all the women I'm photographing and how many ages I have yet to check off. 
The best part, is that each colour has a name and somehow they all seem to fit perfectly (with a good sense of humour). For example...
4yrs =  "tutu"
6 = "eraser pink"
59 = "hopeful"
90 = "egg yolk"
101 = "spoiled rotten"

The project is well under way and I invite you to follow along as I begin to share the images on the BLOG and celebrate the beautiful women that I meet. I hope this project encourages you to see the beauty in yourself and those around you. 

Have a BE-YOU-TIFUL day ;)