Friday, May 10, 2013

101 Years of Beauty — Four Generations (29, 57, 79, 101)

I had just launched my "100 Years of Beauty Project" when my friend Cheryl Ford asked me... "What are you going to do if you find a woman who is 101?" Well, then I would change the project to "101 Years of Beauty" (duh!) Little did I know what was waiting for me less than 24hrs around the corner. 
The next day, Cheryl & I were in Seattle at a ChickChat networking. We moseyed over to the staircase and listened to the speeches from behind the crowd. As the applause faded away we bumped into a couple women and a little small talk dug up a golden sentence....

"My great-grandmother is 101."

SERIOUSLY! Are you kidding me? When Marisa told me that she was the 4th of FOUR living generations we practically booked her photo shoot on the spot! One month later, all four women (Marisa, Barbara, Carolin, & Marie) were sitting in my studio enjoying make-overs, nibbling on chocolate shortbread, and telling stories. 
There is a soft spot in my heart for each of these beautiful women and I am so excited to finally share their portraits with the world. You will see them all together in my "101 Years of Beauty" Project representing ages: 29, 57, 79 and 101.

After the shoot, we all sat together - the video camera rolling - and they reflected on their lives & ages. I was so excited to surprise them with this video when they came to pick up their prints and as I watched the happy tears flowing I couldn't have felt more grateful for that spontaneous decision I'd made to attend that networking event and for that impulse I'd had to waddle over to the women sitting on the staircase.

Huge THANK YOU to Hanna Mazur for Hair & Make-up!