Monday, May 20, 2013

Rick + Anna Photography :: 2013 Promo

So there's this new thing called VIDEO and apparently it's changing the world...and my life AND my business. I love it. Cheryl Ford & I decided to dive into video at the beginning of April. Kinda scary because we thought YouTube had such high-standards (which newsflash.... it doesn't — have you seen the crap people are willing to watch?!). For quality control we gave ourselves a rigorous video training schedule and nearly two months later we've both been hired to make videos for people - insane! I'm no Spielberg but apparently I'm not completely terrible, which is a relief. ha!

I met Anna (of R+A Photography) at a ReStart networking event in West Seattle. One month later (literally to the date) we were in a lush green field in Snohomish, WA filming a promo video for their business. Their promo is a love story; a voiceover poem sharing their beautiful relationship with the world; a day in the beautiful life of R+A Photography. The sweet connection that Rick and Anna share is so genuine and I hope it comes across in their video. I just love how when we were in our consultation meeting, brainstorming plotlines and music options, Rick would rest his hand on Anna's knee as she spoke, listening with such care. There is a softness between them that I think appears quite naturally in the photographs they take. Being around them reminds me of how special a relationship can be when you care for it. Rick + Anna inspire me to treat my husband with greater love, understanding and respect. It truly was a delight creating this mini film for them and I'm honoured that they trusted me with this task (still in disbelief that this all actually happened lol).

So without further delay, I give you the great and miraculous 2013 Promo Video for R+A Photography!!!