Wednesday, May 22, 2013

101 Years of Beauty — Lexie 1 yr

We were celebrating firsts this weekend. 
Lexie's first year of life and being beautiful.
My first time photographing someone who couldn't wait to get out of my studio!

She screamed her way through our photo shoot (we found out later that she had a fever ..poor thing). She wanted mommy to hold her the WHOLE time and she was content as long as she had a lollipop in one hand and a piece of bread in the other. One minute she wanted to wear a hat...the next minute she threw the hat to the floor. One minute she wanted to wear pretty shoes; the next minute shoes were abandoned all together. But of course, like any woman, she was temporarily mesmerized by the jewelry department. ;) 

Not my typical behind-the-scenes images. haha!

Last week I published portraits of Four Generations and the great-grandma was 101. 
It dawned on me this morning that Marie is 100 years older than little Lexi! How incredible is that?! 
Just look at these beautiful women...a whole century between them.