Monday, November 12, 2012

From the Model's Perspective :: Sydney

"I wanted my photos taken by Chamonix for a potential modeling portfolio for me. I've never modeled in my life but I've wanted to, seeing as how I'm almost 6 feet tall and rather thin. But I've never had professional photos to show. It was the best opportunity for me when Chamonix's brother suggested I have a photo shoot with her! I was so excited because not only would I have those professional pictures, but I'd have them by an amazing photographer."
"I was expecting to go to her house, have her dress me, and try to invent my own poses for her camera. Most photographers I've met will choose a pose, set the model, and just say "go" while snapping a hundred pictures. I was quite surprised when Chamonix sculpted most of my poses. At first it seemed like a script she had rehearsed but after a while I realized each pose she had me were ones that she saw would look best on me.
One thing she told me during my first pose was that she would constantly be telling me to push my chin forward and down. And she was right; she did say it a lot! It felt funny and weird at first, but the more that she convinced me I looked gorgeous, the more it felt almost natural." 
"Now, there were some poses I did that felt pretty awkward, especially the ones were I stuck my hip out to what felt like the other side of the room. All I kept thinking was 'this must look so weird' but Chamonix has an amazing eye and only when I saw the photos did I realize that she is truly brilliant. The photos did not at all look posed and unnatural. They all looked so incredible even if I may not have felt like it in the pose!"
"My favorite part of the photo shoot was when this purple fabric was brought out. It had previously been intended for curtains for Chamonix's mom, but for then it was my outfit! At first it started off on the ground for me to sit on, but then it came up and turned into a dress that flowed around the ground by my knees.

I have to admit, it was so much fun! After that sheet came a new white fabric that was tucked into a corset to look almost like a wedding dress. And to add even more, two sheer curtains were added to the look! I can only describe the look as elegant. Now if the pictures had been of my backside, one would wonder where my pants were... the fabric only covered my front side! But the pictures truly look like I was wearing a full princess gown."
"As for the pictures, they really do make me look gorgeous. But I have to admit, all of the credit goes to the lovely Chamonix! I was so lucky to be able to have a photo shoot with her. I had so much fun and I would honestly love to do even another one with her. I'm very excited to start my modeling portfolio and I'm also excited to see what Chamonix Thurston-Rattue Photography has planned for the future!"

*Special Thanks to :: Hanna Mazur {Make-Up Artist} & My Mom {Improv Stylist}