Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shooting in Paradise :: Behind the Scenes Hawaiian Style

Behind the Scenes is my favourite place to be....especially when "Behind the Scenes" is located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii during a tropical golden sunset.... 

While I was crawling around like a crab in the sand, asking Ricky & Nozomi to spin & twirl for my camera, little did I know that my dad was creeping over in the bushes with his zoom lens, capturing the FULL picture in action! As far as I'm concerned, what could possibly be more fascinating than seeing pictures of me taking pictures?! I LOVE it! Plus, I just generally love a behind-the-scenes image sitting beside the final image taken in that same moment. Kinda fun & magical! 
I'm going to guess that I actually shoot 60% of a wedding day from down on the ground :P I get funny looks and very dirty knees but I just love the perspective from down there. Nothing quite like it.
Aloha rainbow! Every single day there's a rainbow on that beautiful island! 
Rainbows mean sudden downpour of rain.....
Ah, what a dream.... I miss you Hawaii. :)