Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Write a Blog

I've been in Hawaii shooting a wedding and I've gone for one whole week without blogging. Day by day my viewer statistics have plummeted and I've grown more anxious to share what I've been up to. Blogging takes time and I haven't given myself time-off in over a year! Fully committed to getting my business up-and-running, I've sacrificed my "me-time" and my "Miggy-time" and my "yoga-time" and every other type of healthy time. It's been work, work, work and this week it's been play, sleep, sunbath. Such a fabulous treat!

[I just discovered that my iPhone 4S can make Panoramic photos! Talk about addictive!]
Buried in sand, even the idea of blogging seemed exhausting. Baking beneath the Pacific sun I started asking myself — Why do I even blog at all? 

The First 5 Reason that Popped into My Head...
1) To stay connected to people I love who are far away; in particular my grandma.
2) To preserve my stories & photos like a journal. I want to print it all into a book one day.
3) I love learning & getting inspiration from other people's blogs. I hope to provide something somewhat entertaining and useful to someone else out there who takes the time to read my blog.
4) Blogging motivates me to keep a constant look-out for new blog-material, which means that I become more and more aware of life lessons, funny stories, cool photos and all that jazz.
5) It's a hip & happenin' marketing tool for my art & business. If you're a small personal business and you don't keep a blog — what are you thinking?! How are clients ever going to get interested in what you do, fall in love with your goofy personality, get sucked into the stories behind your images, and feel comfortable with you before they've even met you?

If you're going to blog, you've got to be frequent & regular! I've been aiming to blog everyday but since working at creativeLIVE, I've had a decline in "mental bandwidth" each day and blogging has been cast away to the sidelines of my life :( Yaiboooo.

So how about a new strategy? I'm setting a new & improved goal (that's going to accomodate my current circumstances) — I'm now aiming to blog every MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY! Let's see how I get on with this one... I hope you have a fabulous Friday! And if all goes according to schedule, you should hear from me again on Monday! Yaiwoo for blogging :)