Friday, November 30, 2012

Buying a Chair is like Choosing a Husband

I feel compelled to purchase every piece of flamboyant furniture that struts itself before me BUT that would be just like mixing all the paints together until you get puke poopy brown sludge — not exactly the look I'm going for with my new photography studio. I needed a colour pallette for guidance — I decided to go with fresh calming colours like cream & gold with charcoal & sea-foam accents. Sounds fabulous, I know :P lol

Deciding on the palette was the easy part though. Over the past week I've been hunting through furniture stores & consignment shops in agony — it physically hurts to say "no" to the gorgeous hot pink velvet arm chair and the perfect purple chaise lounge! Buying white furniture just doesn't feel as exciting. I was stressin' over this until last night when I was driving home on 520 and a beautiful metaphor flew in through my sunroof....

Buying Furniture is Like Choosing a Husband

There are plenty of drop dead handsome men in this world that make my knees weak BUT that doesn't mean I should marry ALL of them. Just because we'd look cute together at the alter doesn't mean he'll be the best contribution to my life; the one who can make me feel calm when life gets hectic and help me reach my full potential.


There are plenty of drop dead gorgeous chairs with vibrant colours, popping patterns & curves that would make J-Lo jealous BUT that doesn't mean I should buy them ALL! Just because we look amazing together in the store doen't mean it'll be the best contribution to my photography studio; the chair that will give my space that perfect atmosphere of glamorous tranquility.

Flashy fashions are fleeting (lovin' the alliteration today!) but I'm looking for the chair that I want to grow old with, right?! The chair that will compliment every outfit I wear, match every mood I'm in, and adjust to every stage I go through in life/business. That's not asking much or anything :P

Now I'm content — I can walk into Pier 1 and flirt a little with the turquoise armchair knowing that despite his uncanny good looks, he's not "the one" for me. Goodbye internal turmoil!

PS: FYI — I've already found & married a wonderful man that is "just right" for me. This post is infused with hypothetical-ness. :P