Friday, November 23, 2012

My First Thanksgiving in 5yrs!

"When did Thanksgiving become such a lively event?" I asked my mom as we left grandma's house last night. Her reply?... "Ever since you left." Nice. The last time I celebrated Thanksgiving (2006) we all went to grandma's house and sat around drinking Shirley Temples and eating shrimp, scattered around the house, engaging in polite conversation. 

This year, I walk into grandma's new crib — at least 10 bottles of wine chillin' on the counter, cousins drinking beer, football "roaring" in the background, all of us crowded around one table, popping Christmas crackers, plopping paper hats on our heads, hysterically confused over those pathetic little cracker jokes & riddles, tossing table-top horse-shoes & magic tricks, tripping ourselves into conversations of philosophy & logic too deep for our over-fed minds to comprehend (painful really :P).
Of course, grandma was marvellously entertaining as usual. She's amazing. Never fails to make me laugh :D
And I got to see my cousin Steven for the first time in years! He's in Florida training to be a Navy pilot!
A few weeks ago I photographed his brother, Wes, for his senior portraits. I threw the final images up onto grandma's tv and we had a family voting session. Unanimous — the photo on the left!

My wonderful friend Sophie has inspired me to start writing down 5 thing every day that I'm grateful for. In honour of Thanksgiving weekend, I'll share today's list with you!

1. I'm super grateful that my grandma lives so close by and that she finally has wi-fi! Now I can spend time with her and get my work done at her house!
2. I'm grateful for pumpkin pie — genius invention!
3. I'm grateful for Skype making it possible for me to spend 3 hours with Miggy this morning.
4. I'm grateful for a chance to sleep in.
5. I'm grateful for Pinterest making it easier for me to organise my ideas.

What are you grateful for today? Write it down for yourself!