Monday, November 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes VIDEO of Sydney's Glamour Shoot

The music was synchronized perfectly with my brother's dance moves. I'd spent days carefully crafting the most amazing home-video in the history of mankind. 

And then I lost it. All of it...gone! 
Some virus corrupted my files and my 13 year old heart broke over the PC's keyboard. 

So scarred by this experience of creative robbery, I've hardly touched video since 
(not counting those goofy movies I made with friends at university).

But the time has come to get back on the horse and hit record! 
Inspired by Sue Bryce {of course} I'm ready to start playing with video and sharing 
my new business with the world through moving pictures!

So, voila! My first behind-the-scenes video of a glamour shoot:
no fancy monopod; no super-duper editing software; no profesh videographer — 
just the beautiful Sydney + my Canon 5D Mark II + iMovie + a big dollop of homemade love 
= attempt #1 at assembling a photo shoot story :) Enjoy!

Read more about Sydney's experience (in her own words) on her "From the Model's Perspective" blog post HERE.

Thank you to Make-Up Artist Hanna Mazur for her amazing beauty skills!

Have a fabulous Monday :D