Monday, December 3, 2012

Photography Masterclass Magazine

There's a new photography magazine on the block! Photography Masterclass Magazine has just hit the iPad Newstand! Stroll down and pick up your virtual copy! Plus, if you look closely you may just see a familiar face :)

The lovely folks behind this creative magazine iPad app are aiming to deliver a monthly issue full of digital photography tutorials, techniques, inspiring content & stunning images from around the world! Their first issue was released to the world on Nov 15, 2012.

So how did I end up with a mention on the cover? 
Well, you see... you never know who's watching you at a wedding...

I'm hanging ballgowns from chandeliers, crawling beneath cake tables, and wrangling distant relatives into bear hugs — how could I possibly have time to notice the eyes that may or may not be following me around the room? I'm like a one-woman circus on a wedding day & back in May my crazy cool moves (ha!) caught the attention of a guest at Ruthie & James' wedding at Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A month later, this special guest, Miss Gill Roberts of Photography Masterclass Magazine, dropped me an email requesting a wee something something for their first issue. 

Just a few weeks before writing this article, I'd watched Sue Bryce's "Glamour Photography" creativeLIVE workshop for the first time EVER. I was an instant glamour convert & I was rearing to charge full steam ahead! 

I couldn't help myself — glamour was all I wanted to talk/write about. Sue Bryce shared glamour with me and I wanted to share it with the world (too!). So, despite having no more than a weekend glamour workshop beneath my belt & about ten photo shoots on my harddrive, I pitched my a wee intro to glamour article (that included literally everything I knew at that point lol) to Gill and voila!  
Have a wonderful day and tune in to creativeLIVE! We've got AWESOME workshops playing at the moment! They could change your life.