Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Bridal Shoot} Molly

Another beautiful (and eco-friendly) wedding dress from Julie Dutton modeled by the lovely Molly :) The dress had this beautiful jacket with an amazing collar that pops up like something from Elizabethan times. Molly brought along an entire bag full of shoes (!!!) we could choose from for her to wear and I couldn't resist these beautiful turquoise-y ones. (I'm a sucker for colourful heels — so pretty!) Molly started off wearing a classy pearl necklace and then we decided to spice things up a little with a beautiful designer necklace from  BeauCoco, who specialises in contemporary ethical jewellery = super cool! Molly's hair & make-up was made beauty-full by the wonderful Diana MacKenzie! We got ready  indoors and the minute we stepped outside to start shooting we all felt like icicles! It was so freezing but Molly was fantastic. We worked as quickly as possible so we could snap as many pretty pictures as possible before our desire for hot water bottles and tea drove us back inside. hehe Thanks to everybody involved for being so wonderful :D It was a really fun day!

I hope you have a pretty day :)