Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surprise Visits & Yoga Blessings

I had such an awesome surprise this week! I was editing photos at home and Miggy kept asking me if we could go into town together. I was racing through my work as quickly as possible to keep him happy but when we finally started out on our walk we were both grumpy. He was annoyed that I kept saying "I'll be just a minute" when I actually took a couple hours. I was annoyed that the he hasn't figured out by now that I'm the worst estimator of how much time I'll need in the world!! Grr..

HOWEVER....once we made it into the centre of St. Andrews all negative feelings floated away because a very familiar face was walking towards me. It was a face that was supposed to be down in was one of our James-es!!!!!! {You see, pretty much all of our closest guy friends are called James. All of Miggy's men of honour in our wedding were called James and yah, that's just how we roll so...anyway...}it was a somerset James walking towards me!! Just a day or so before I had been saying how much I wanted to hang out with him so it was an amazing surprise!

He was up for the day with his mum (sweetness!) and we hopped around charity shops, had a drink (boys had beer - I had tea :) and ate an entire loaf of bread in the new restaurant/cafe on Market St. called Mitchells. {Mitchells is awesome - they decorate their sofas with old tweet jackets and hang vintage padlocks from the door handles!}.

It was a short & sweet visit but it made my week love-i-lee!!

I've also had a major blessing fall into my lap this week. It's difficult to get yoga classes up and running and actually earn enough to make a living off of them. Even some of the best teachers in big cities are struggling to get their classes going. I'm still a newbie and I've started up two of my own classes which are still pretty small (struggling to break even) but then wham bam boom...a fellow yoga teach in town has decided to 'retire' and she's giving me her classes! Two of the biggest classe in town are now mine - mental! On top of that, another yoga teacher who is no longer teaching has just gifted me with about fifty yoga mats that I can keep for myself and use for my classes! What!?!?! Crazy town! And...that same teacher is offering to give me his yoga website which is #1 on Google for yoga in St. Andrews and... he's giving me access to all of his poster art etc.. that's on record at the local print house so I don't have to pay for new artwork myself! What the flipping heck! This is amazing! I feel motivated to work super hard now and really dedicate myself to the classes I'm teaching because it would be a shame to waste all these wonderful gifts. So that said....I'm teaching a yoga class this afternoon. Better go get my leggings and warm socks on :D
Lots of Love,