Monday, February 20, 2012

Flash Mob in St. Andrews

Hello everybody! So there was a flash mob in St. Andrews this weekend. So exciting! Unfortunately I (didn't know about it until I saw this video because I was away in Edinburgh at a 1920's going-away party  (equally exciting, right!?). Anyway, I love flash mobs and there have been a few in St. Andrews. It's so much fun seeing it happening in a place that you know so well. When I was in my first year of university I actually got to participate in one lol. It wasn't a fun dancing one it was one of the 'freeze mob' ones. 

We were supposed to be walking down Market St. and then at exactly 2pm we were supposed to freeze on the spot. My friends and I were frozen just as we were stepping out to cross the road. Some people were in the middle of the road and made cars stop which I'm sure was probably really frustrating for the drivers lol Some people were frozen in really funny position; mid-wave, tying their shoelaces, hugging and laughing. Everyone else who wasn't involved was really confused — it was amazing!

Fun times :D