Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Bride & Groom Portraits} Anthony + Jen

Here's a whole little reel of bride & groom portrait photos featuring a very handsome Anthony and a very glamorous Jen PLUS a sweet-tooth picnic & a bouquet I was slightly obsessed with!! I loved photographing these two together! Jen is a professional dancer and her elegance shone through in all of her movements which made my job super easy. Luckily, Anthony could keep up with her! :P There was a beautiful moment when they were playfully waltz in the field as the sun was setting and as the day grew colder and colder they somehow managed to still sit down (to say kneeling would be more accurate since the ground was soaking wet) for a picnic of sweet things. Not to ruin the mood but our wonderful picnic-setter-upper had accidentally chosen a spot for them a little that was a little too close to the nearest canine doodoo if you know what I mean :P It was funny hehe On a more elegant note, Jen's dress was designed by the Julie Dutton — Designer Dressmaker based in Warwickshire. Jen's dress was from Julie's eco-couture collection which incorporates bamboo and peace silk fabrics =! Jen's beautiful hair & make-up were styled by the very talented Diana MacKenzie
Dress: Julie Dutton
Hair & Make-Up: Diana MacKenzie

I hope everybody has a lovely day full of sunshine & cupcakes & gorgeous flowers :D