Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Bride & Groom Portraits} Caoimhe & Jack

These two were so fun to photograph! Caoimhe {pronounce her lovely name: 'kiva'. She admits it's bizarre beyond understanding lol} was full of bubbly energy & smiles, and Jack as previously mentioned was a charming gentleman lol :P It was absolutely freezing (like all my outdoor photo shoots these days....thank you winter in Scotland) but these guys were amazing. At one point, we managed to find an empty bus stop so they could take shelter for a few minutes while I snapped away on my camera. There were a few details that I got particularly excited about...Caoimhe's pearl necklace was a genuine piece of Chanel beautifulness! So exciting! And the flowers in her bouquet were these stunning pussy willow branches that seemed to bloom throughout the course of the day becoming fluffier and fluffier! They were awesoooome! :) We also discovered that Jack has a secret passion for coconut macaroons which we brought along for a little snack and you can see him nibbling away on them in a couple of the shots hehe. When I offered them to him he got all excited and said his mom gives them to him (see what I mean?! total sweetie, right?!) Caoimhe's dress was another stunning creation by Julie Dutton. It was a two piece dress: the top half was a corset & the bottom half was super flouncy tulle that reminded me of a fairytale princess wedding! Caoimhe's beautiful curly hair and make-up were styled pretty by the wonderful Diana MacKenzie!

I hope everybody has a day full of lovely smiles :D

Dress: Julie Dutton
Hair & Make-Up: Diana MacKenzie