Thursday, February 9, 2012

"How To Win Friends & Influence People"

This week I finished reading the highly recommended book 'How to Win Friends & Influence People' by Dale Carnegie. I'd heard of it before but had always thought it sounded kinda cheesy so I stayed away until three people I really respect {Zach & Jody Gray and Matthew Jordan Smith} said everyone (especially photographers) should read it. So I had no choice. 

"...people rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it."

Migs and I are hardcore budgeters at the moment so instead of buying the book I downloaded the E-book to my iPhone. Maybe all the money I've saved from not buying the printed book will be able to pay for the prescription glasses I'll probably need as a result of reading all 205 pages in tiny print on a tiny screen! :P

"Three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy. Give it to them and they will love you."

I think any other book would have lost me after a page of having to scroll down the screen paragraph by paragraph but this great work of social genius kept me captivated from 'cover' to 'cover.' I've already seen significant results in my own life and business as a result of the changes I've been inspired to make. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! 

"Talk to people about themselves and they'll listen for hours."

I seriously could copy and paste the entire book right here and now but I've resisted and just shared a few of my top favourite quotes in this post.

"When two partners always agree, one of them is not necessary."

Go read it!