Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve - Entertainment!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!
This morning it's nice and foggy in St. Andrews so I'm writing this post from my cozy bed. I'm so excited to have the next couple days free for holiday celebrations! This afternoon, Miggy and I are going to walk around St. Andrews and pop our heads into some shops. This is mainly for him since I've already sorted the presents I'm giving :P

To celebrate this exciting Saturday, I've put together a wee collection (12 seems a good number since it's Christmas!) of entertaining tidbits that I've stumbled across in the past couple weeks! I've already re-tweeted a couple of them but I think they're worth revisiting! So wherever you are, get cozy cuz here we go....(!!!)

1) Everybody needs some quotes in their life! These one's were particularly inspiring for me this week:
"If you wait until you're ready you'll never get started."
 Zack Arias
"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."
Henry David Thoreau
"Impossibilities are just the start of life's best adventures."
Jasmine Star
"Making mistakes doing something is the essence of how to become good at that thing."
Chase Jarvis

2) My favourite song of the week! I particular love how she "giggles" at the end - it's cute. I dare you to resist tapping your foot and shaking your booty to this one! I also find this one quite empowering - sounds cheesy but I'm just speakin the truth, so don't hate!

3) Ok, you might think this one is weird but you can't deny it's a good idea. So yay! for "SHOWER SQUIDS". It might be a little late now to get one as a stocking stuffer but there's always next year! 
"Uncommon Goods"
4) Can you blame me for finding this video hilarious? - I'm a yoga teach after all. Lol. So many silly little 'inside-ish jokes.'

5) Now I'll admit I have quite a strong dislike for grapefruits and pineapples (I know I know, you're probably sitting there in shock - no one ever believes me or understands). Anyway, despite my repulsion to this fruit, I do think these bowls are quite a clever invention, don't you?
"Uncommon Goods"
6)  Due to the fact that I'm a mahoosive fan of National Geographic photography, I couldn't help but include these gems:
National Geographic

Octopus, Italy

Photograph by Pasquale Vassallo
15 December 2011
National Geographic

Cocooned Trees, Pakistan

Photograph by Russell Watkins

14 December 2011
7)  First off - how awesome is this photo!!! It's a winner in my book anyway. I love when you find beautiful things in places where you'd least expect it! Details behind this image (because one should always credit their sources :) 
8) Another song that I can't help dancing along to!!! Is it just me or does this guy have a really sexy voice?! I loved the chorus from the first moment I heard it. Miggy took more convincing but I've caught him listening to it a few times now - muahahaha.

9) Another National Geographic goodie! It's a fascinating 'lecture' by Mattias Klum who is an amazing NatGeo Photographer! He shows his best photos from some of his adventures. I'm in awe of this guy - he seems like a really sweet/funny guy which is an extra bonus! Seriously dreaming of shooting for NatGeo now! He has more videos on Youtube from this lecture so go check them out too!

10) Last song, I promise. But this one is properly cool! Miggy found these guys and at first I was anything but convinced but I let it grow on me and now I wish I could be as cool as they are :P I love how Jade (I think her name's Jade - I'm talking about the main female singing dancing around kinda crazy like) seems so joyful & free of inhibitions.  Anyway...catchy tunes dude!!

11)  Camille Styles! I love finding a good crafty blog! There's lot of cute stuff going on over here so wander over and check it out!

12) Ok, I lied. This is officially the last song - I can't help myself! I love music!!!!! I particularly like the first few lines of this song.

Now that you've been entertained, I hope you feel all inspired to dance around joyfully today and celebrate the eve of el dia de Christmas!