Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doubts & Changes

Some people fear change but I love it. In fact, I'm almost addicted to it. I'm always itching to turn the page to the chapter of my life. When I was growing up I used to rearrange my bedroom at least once a month. I just couldn't stand to keep it the same! Now I'm finding that my business has taken the place of my bedroom.

Every chance I get I want to redesign my website, blog, profile photo, logo etc... I've done my best to create a brand that accurately represents who I am and what I have to offer but that's tricky because part of who I am is this 'constant changer'. How can one website portray all the different sides of my personality and my ever-evolving style? I also just get bored of seeing the same design over and over again. I must remind myself that when potential clients visit my website, they're seeing it for the first time and so for them it still looks fresh.

I also worry about the name of my business. So many photographers use their own name for their business. I think this makes lots of sense since it keeps things straight forward, personal and really emphasises the idea that the photographer is the important/essential part of the business.

When I was naming my business I thought my own name was too long and didn't exactly roll of the tongue. This wouldn't matter if I were only doing commercial photography but as a wedding photographer there needs to be an element of stylish luxury. The name does play a role in attracting the client. If they can't pronounce it they won't be able to relate to you as well.

I figured it would be safer for me to come up with a brand name. I was originally fond of the name "Plum Bumble Photography" because it made everybody smile but it was also bizarre. At the end of August 2011, I was just about to leave for the cinema with my husband (we were going to see the final Harry Potter!!) and I shouted "Ready to go, loveduck?" I've called him 'loveduck' for years and that was the moment when I realised it could be a cute name for my business.

"Loveducks' reminded me of "lovebirds" which seemed appropriate for weddings and to top it all off, I actually do love ducks (my first word was 'quack'!). Everyone else also seemed to like the name so that was that - decided - or so I thought. Ever since then I've been doubting. I seem to operate under two names now: Loveducks as the business and Chamonix as the photographer. What should I call my Twitter, Flickr, FB account? LoveducksPhoto or Chamonix?

I don't want me to be hidden/obscured behind the Loveducks Logo. I want the business/brand to be about me because essentially, I am what this business is about and when people hire Loveducks Photography for their wedding, they are actually hiring Chamonix Thurston-Rattue! Confusing for my little brain!

Maybe I should just call myself "Chamonix Thurston-Rattue Photography." I get lots of compliments on my name so surely that's a good sign. It's unique & it has the potential to be an elegant brand. But I've already set everything up as Loveducks (business cards, websites, emails, ads etc...).

I think for now, despite my worries, I should put my hands in my pockets and carry on as Loveducks. It's a wonderful name and it's been very successful so far so why fix something that ain't broke? I've compromised by adding my name to the logo so I'm part of it instead of hiding behind it. On the plus side, Loveducks is a more unique & memorable name. And that's the whole point, right? To stand out from the crowd & be remembered?

So here I am full of doubts & itching to change but choosing to just sit back & smile instead. :D
Have a wonderful day!
Big smiles :D
Chamonix Thurston-Rattue {Loveducks Photography}