Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas Joy

Oh, it's time for Christmasiness! A couple weeks ago I wanted a tree so I built one from sticks! I picked them up on the side of the road one day — I think my neighbors might think I'm slightly strange! I just tied the sticks together with twine and voila! Then I bent some silver wire into star shaped ornaments and placed candles around the base. It's made me so happy to sit in my living room this month with my tree and candles. After a long hard day it's been such a relaxing treat. 

A few days ago my lovely maid-of-honour, Emily, came over for an afternoon of Christmas crafts. She painted wooden frames with poka-dots and taught me how to make salt dough ornaments, which I'd never heard of until this year! I think they must be a British thing but America should totally jump on the band wagon!
I topped our tree with a star! I love clothes pins so I used one to attach a photo of my grandpa who passed away this year. He was a great American patriot  who flew airplanes for the Navy so it wasn't surprising that he choose the 4th of July as his day to fly away on his greatest adventure yet. Love you papa!
This week, I got an iPhone! So far I'm lovin' it! I already feel more connected to my friends and family back in the states and I love the ability to take photos without having to haul my big camera around everywhere.

Here's my handsome husband in our kitchen. He's been doing so much cooking for us recently. I feel so special when he goes to all that effort — some days he spends over an hour cooking dinner. It's always delicious. I think he's a fabulous cook although he's painfully modest about the whole thing saying it's only cuz he uses recipes but as I keep telling him, not everyone can follow a recipe as well as he does! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the chilly holiday season. If the weather is getting you down, just force yourself to smile. I hear it releases endorphins and I always feel happier when I'm smiling :)
Lots of Love,