Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Funny Faces {Peekaboo Project}

This weekend I went away on the last weekend of my yoga training course. You know what that means!? I'm a yoga teacher now! woohoo!!! I had to teach a class on Saturday morning as my final assessment and it went really well. Whatever I did was apparently really relaxing because everyone was zonked afterwards - hehe.

So now that I'm back in St. Andrews and all psyched about teaching I have to figure out where & when I'll be teaching. It's really tricky trying to coordinate yoga class timing with photography. For example a Saturday class would be perfect but that isn't ideal for weddings since they the majority of weddings are on Sat. I could do it Friday night but if I'm traveling somewhere for a wedding then I'll be traveling on Fri.  So you see my dilemma, hmmmm... Well, deep breath and it will all work out :)

I'm so excited about the beauty shoot I did last Saturday. The photos are looking cool and I can't wait to share them with everybody! They aren't quite ready yet but soon, I promise! I've got another beauty shoot this Thursday and I've been speaking with the make-up artist and we're thinking of having a 'candy' theme. I wonder what we'll come up with :) So excited!

As for what I can share with you toda....Here's my first batch of funny faces for the Peekaboo Project (yay!):

First up is my lovely friend Angela. We met on our yoga course. She's an actress & she's hilarious. This is her 'Camel Face'....
 Second is Elvyra. She modelled for me a month ago. She's a Lithuanian video game geek studying science at St. Andrews and this is her "Duck Face"...
Let me introduce you to Merlin. He's a fantastic musician who's destined for stardom so you'll know him soon enough. He performed a couple songs on his guitar at our wedding! We were at a dinner party together a few weeks ago and I convinced him to pose for me. I don't think he named his funny face but he laughed the whole way through :)
 Here's another cooperative friend of mine. It's the lovely Rebecca. She can pull a dozen funny faces in a minute so it was a hard choice but I went with this little energetic number below.
Have a lovely day!