Thursday, December 15, 2011

9/5475 Faces {Peekaboo Project}

A few new lovely faces to add to the project — I'm so excited! These two belong to two of my closest friends. The first one is Shona. She came over for dinner on my birthday back in November and somehow managed to make that amazingly goofy spectacle of a face that you'll see below! Love it!

This second one is Emily doing her impression of 'Steve the Squirrel'. Fancy giving this one a go yourself? Take your finger and run it across your upper teeth to wipe off the moisture. Your lip should stick to the teeth leaving you with massively attractive squirrel face! Em and I sometimes talk to each other with our teeth like this - it somehow (unsurprisingly) makes everything you say so much funnier! hehe
Lots of goofy love to you all!