Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Wedding Invitations

I was just browsing through wedding websites a few weeks ago and I found this cute wedding invitation. I love it when couples get creative! I totally would use this one for my own wedding (were we to do it again) because I love thinking of myself as being weird (which might be a weird thing to do lol). 
There are so many possibilities when it comes to your save-the-dates, invitations or even thank-you's!

I definitely used our wedding as an opportunity to squeeze in as much crafty creativity as possible. We didn't have save-the-dates but we did design our invitation on GIMP (a MAC version of PhotoShop). This was really fun — I totally recommend it. 

We actually found a photo online of an invitation that we liked. We then modelled our invitation on it but obviously changed it significantly so we weren't just copying :P 

On the left you can see a screenshot of our invitation. The things we used from the inspiration photo were the two little birds, the colours and the layout. We added all the flowers, elephant, stars and swirly-ness ourselves. 

When we were finished and pleased with our creation, we emailed it out to our guests. This was a great way to save money and paper. We did print a few copies (just at the photo machine in Boots) that we sent to people that wouldn't be as confident receiving it via email (like grandparents — no offence grandma lol). We also printed a copy for our own scrapbook - cuz that's just nice :P

Oh, apart from all the true love flying around, it's the creativity that makes me love weddings :) ahhh....

Have a love-ily day! :D