Monday, June 10, 2013

Unique & Fun Bachelorette Party Idea :: Glamour Photo Shoots (My First Trial Run)

You're taking your girl out for one more fling on the town before her wedding day.

Option one: dress her up in plastic penises, a cheesy tiara, and a hot pink thank you. 

Option two: do each other's makeup in the bathroom, squeeze into a taxi, party with margaritas and wake up the next morning with blurry photos on your camera....not ideal. 

Option three: surprise the bride with a whole day of dress up and makeovers, champagne, strawberries, chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and a glamour photoshoot. You'll hit the town that evening like supermodels & wake up the next morning with gorgeous photos of a day you'll remember forever!...Now, that's more like it!
But before offering this photo shoot bachelorette party experience extraordinaire to brides across the nation I figured I should probably have a trial run. I mean who knew if I'd be able to handle the hormonal chaos of seven girls prancing around my studio and squealing with the girly joy that only comes with weddings & babies. 

My guinea pigs arrived one morning ready for their close-ups, Starbucks cups shuffling in through the doorway, clothes thrown ALL over the couch. Flashback to junior high slumber parties! As luck would have it, my makeup artist had to cancel last minute so it was just me and my trusty sidekick Miss. Cheryl Ford With full fore we took on hair & makeup AND photos for 7 women from 8am - 5pm. PHEW! Needless to say, I'm a proud mama of these photos....

Thank you so much Cassie for bringing all these ladies together to help me practice and thank ALL of you ladies so much for being patient with us throughout that whole day, so enthusiastic and fun, and  for graciously waiting for your images that took a little longer than usual to create! You're all gorgeous and it was a treat to  spend the day with you. :) xoxo Cham